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About Us

Creating an environment where our global community can read, write and enjoy car reviews.


"As far back as I can remember, I have loved cars. From the group B cars of the 80's to the modern hot hatchbacks, super saloons and the occasional hypercars of today. Whether printed magazines or websites, I have always enjoyed reading news, reviews and customer opinions about cars I like, cars I want, and the cool stuff coming soon. LoveCarReviews.com was my realisation that there are people like me all over the world looking for a place to read reviews, up coming jounalists who want a platform to flex their creative skills and car enthusiasts everywhere that just love everything car related.

Our team is excited about LoveCarReviews.com, and will continue to invest in enhancing our site, building more features, content and links to make this a great experience for our growing community."

Kris - Web Designer

Meet Our Team

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Web Designer and Marketeer

"The Car Enthusiast"

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Senior Architect and Developer

"The Techical Brains"

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Business Analyst and QA

"The Quality Controller"

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QA and Marketeer

"The Social Connection"