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Mercedes-Benz C-class Review

C-class Coupe (C205) - (2015) | C 250 (211 Hp) 9G-TRONIC

Car Owner Reviewer -
July 28, 2020, 9:12 p.m.
Reviewer's Score


Practicality and Comfort (9.5)
Performance and Handling (8.0)
Reliability and Running (9.5)
Looks and Style (10.0)
Features and Technology (10.0)
Model Avg. 9.2 Generation Avg. 8.8 Engine Avg. 9.4

The Review

Daily Drives Coupes Mercedes-Benz C-class C-class Coupe (C205) - (2015) C 250 (211 Hp) 9G-TRONIC

Carefully crafted with the driver in mind


This Mercedes C250d Coupe is breathtakingly beautiful. The AMG line premium plus is all you need to enjoy a comfortable commute in style.

I had the keys to this car for a week, so I got a decent understanding of it. Let me tell you now that I grudged handing the keys back! The car is stunning from every angle - it's sharp yet smooth, moody yet majestic. I dare you to try to find a spot this looks ugly. There are loads of quirky features to make it even more cool - including a signature of one of the founders of Daimler in the windscreen.

The 2 door coupe is great if you don't have a family (or friends) as the rear seat can be cramped with the sloping roofline. For you, the driver, everything is where it should be. The memory pack gives you electric driver and passenger seats, controllable from the driver's door, electric steering wheel adjustment and exterior mirrors - all with memory settings. The car itself is pretty big and has sufficient boot space and storage areas. Parking is not an issue either thanks to park assist which is very easy to use.

The infotainment system is good. It does take a while to get used to and it can be fidgety if you need to use while driving. Apart from that, it's great. The sat-nav has a cool 3D city view so you can see the buildings on your sat-nav making it easy to locate exactly where you are. You also get Bluetooth and DAB digital radio with an upgraded stereo system on the premium plus.

It's quick. The 250d automatic has 204BHP and you feel it. I would recommend getting a 4matic model, as this rear-wheel-drive was tail-happy and struggled for traction off the line if you put the foot down. Also on damp or wet days (the majority of days in the UK) you sometimes feel a bit tense when cornering even at lower speeds. You do have to pay attention but it makes for a more engaging drive. One thing I did notice when I got over the initial excitement is that the automatic gear changes can be... jerky. Even with the 9G box, it would change with a THUMP.

As I only had this for a week I cannot comment much on reliability. However, the owner had it just over 2 years with no issue whatsoever. Driving in Sport+ mode 24/7 (as I did, of course) it can guzzle the fuel but definitely worth the fun!

As mentioned earlier, I hated handing the keys back. I did get to spend more time with this beauty at a later date for 2 weeks and still loved every second. I would definitely buy one of these for myself.

Practicality and Comfort

Very comfortable, soft leather and highly adjustable. Very practical car with sufficient boot space.

Performance and Handling

Acceleration and power in abundance. Very fun to drive - engaging rear-wheel-drive in the wet. Gear changes in the auto can be harsh.

Reliability and Running Costs

*Based on the owner's response

Would I recommend it? YES

Mercedes-Benz C-class

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